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The Legacy of Kare Society recognizes special friends, like the individuals profiled here, who have joined their legacy with Kare Youth League’s by leaving a gift for Kare Youth League in their will or trust or have established a life income gift. The Legacy of Kare Society is a way for us to recognize this profound contribution to Kare Youth League’s future.

If you have left a gift for Kare Youth League, we hope you will let us know. Notifying us is the best way to ensure we receive the gift you intend for us and that your wishes for the use of your gift are honored at the time your gift is received. We would also like to welcome you into our Legacy of Kare Society and, with your permission, provide appropriate recognition for your generosity.

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Truman B. Stivers

Truman B. Stivers

A Lasting Legacy

As a young boy in the 1930’s, Truman Stivers joined a small club in Pasadena called Kare Youth League. Back then it was called Boys’ Christian League (BCL) and as a faithful member, Truman took to heart the values being taught there – to honor his parents, to respect those in authority, to salute the flag and the nation for which it stands, and to show reverence for God. He even earned a new Bible for having perfect attendance which he cherished and kept throughout his life.

Young Truman also learned many things at BCL through team sports and group activities. He learned to be on time, to dress correctly, to work with his teammates, and that it takes hard work to develop a skill. These values helped Truman become a successful businessman later in life.

Eighty years after Truman was a member, Kare has grown from that small club to a thriving organization of well over 1,300 members at three centers.

Coincidentally – or perhaps providentially – one of Kare Youth League’s founding members, Philip Ostergard, who attended Pasadena schools with Truman and others in his family, kept in touch over the years. They would often reminisce about former school days. Philip would also tell Truman about how Kare Youth League had grown and how it was still helping children. Perhaps Truman thought, “That’s just how BCL helped me back in the ’30s.”

Later in life, the Stivers thoughtfully considered what they would leave as their legacy. They decided to leave the vast majority of their estate to Kare Youth League.

Why Kare Youth League? Perhaps it was their friendship with Philip Ostergard. It was more likely the appreciation Truman had for the values he learned as a boy and his desire to see those values taught to children for generations to come.

Upon their passing, as was their wish, a truly transformational donation came to Kare Youth League. It allowed Kare to build the Truman B. Stivers Center, a multipurpose gymnasium in Arcadia, and to develop Kare Park, the beautiful sports complex in Irwindale along the 605 Freeway. Both facilities offer thousands of boys and girls the opportunity to be taught the same timeless values Truman learned at BCL – a true lasting legacy.

Carsons copy

Dave and Marian Carson

A Place of Nourishment for Our Souls

Marian joined Kare Youth League as a freshman in high school. I joined as a 6th grader in elementary school. Marian had a heart hungry to do right and to know God. I had dreams of someday pitching in the World Series.

At Kare, Marian found just the right leaders and friends and environment to satisfy her hungry heart, and though I never played in the majors, I pitched for Kare Youth League throughout my high school and college years.  

We both eventually became “assistant leaders” at Kare, and our lives were chock full of work, school, and coaching teams of boys and girls. Teaching those youngsters the Kare mottos, “Their Future is Now” and, “I promise by the strength of Christ to be Brave, Pure and True” gave soul-satisfying meaning to our lives.

We both eventually joined the Kare staff full time, fell in love, got married, started a family and spent our lives in that fulfilling work with children. 

That work is the reason we have included Kare Youth League in our living trust. Aware we would never have a fortune to leave behind, we still realized that our house could be sold, and the proceeds divided among our five children.

But we also made sure that a portion of the proceeds would go to Kare Youth League, the place that nourished our souls.

Dowds copy

Mike and Arlis Dowd

A Wonderful Journey

Mike and I have been involved in Kare Youth League for our entire working lives. He joined the staff as a high school assistant, and because I am a daughter of the founder, I have been involved ever since I was born. It has been a wonderful journey for both of us.

Early on, as an area director for the Indian club in Kare, Mike taught little boys how to play ball. Later he coached varsity football, basketball and baseball at Rio Hondo Prep, Meanwhile I was coaching little girls in the Kare Youth League program and high school girls at Rio Hondo where, I also served as principal. During those years we saw the wonderful impact the Kare Youth League program had on its members.

We were also directors of summer and winter camping at Mount Kare for many years, and served as a driver (Mike) and play author and director (Arlis) on nationwide educational tours. Once again, an apt description of the impact on young people that Mount Kare and those educational tours had was wonderful.

But the most wonderful thing Mike and I saw on our Kare Youth League journey was the impact that the story of Jesus Christ had on many youngsters – literally changing their lives as they heard and believed that story. We are so pleased that part of our estate will help Kare Youth League continue to tell that life-changing story far into the future.

Francis Ostergard copy

Francis Ostergard

An Endowment for Leadership

Francis Ostergard was one of the first members of Boys’ Christian League in 1931. He, along with seven other teenagers, met in a small room in East Pasadena with Founder Orrick Hampton as they crafted the Promise and Laws for a brand new club.

Francis was the main author of the Promise and Laws which are still the guiding principles of the organization today. The motto, “Their Future is Now” and the first words of the Promise, “I promise by the strength of Christ to be Brave, Pure, and True” came from the inspired mind and heart of Francis Ostergard.

In later years, Boys’ Christian League became Boys and Girls’ Christian League, and then, Kare Youth League as it is known today.

Francis Ostergard devoted his entire life to the boys and girls of Kare Youth League. He served in nearly every role and was the President from 1982 until his passing in 2013, a legacy of 82 years of service.

He cared deeply for the faithful men and women who work with the children at Kare, those who choose to live by example and share the Gospel. At Kare they are called Leaders and Francis was a mentor to Leaders throughout his life.

Upon his passing, Francis donated his life savings to set up an endowment that would help support Leaders. Each year, the Francis Ostergard Memorial Fund does just that.

Philip and Irma Ostergard

Philip and Irma Ostergard

A Gifted Couple

Philip Ostergard – like his brother, Francis – was one the first eight members of Kare Youth League when it was founded as Boys’ Christian League in 1931. And, like his brother, shared his talents with boys and girls for over 80 years.

As a young man, Philip was charged with heading up the first building projects at the newly acquired land at 5150 Farna Avenue in Arcadia. He soon found himself reaching out to companies and individuals for gift-in-kind materials and for skilled craftsman to help. He was successful and the buildings began sprouting up on the previously vacant land. Philip would use this talent on every building project that was to come.

Irma Ostergard was a talented and very popular teacher in the Arcadia Unified School District where she taught for many years. Irma was also a talented organist and pianist and shared those talents playing in church and with her piano students who took private lessons.

Philip may best be remembered as a captivating storyteller at Mount Kare and for the Bible lessons he brought to life with the elaborate visual aids he made himself. He was also a scholar and authored a book about Abraham Lincoln whom he greatly admired.

The greatest gift of Philip and Irma, however, was their gift of generosity. Many times, in the “lean” years when Kare Youth League didn’t have the funds needed for a project, they quietly provided the funds themselves.

Indeed, anywhere you see a Kare Youth League facility, in Arcadia, Covina, Irwindale or at Mount Kare, you are looking at the lasting legacy of Philip and Irma Ostergard.


Bill and Leslie Orsburn

No Better Organization to Partner With

On a daily basis, the Kare motto – “Their Future is Now” shapes the way leaders interact with the young boys and girls. Growing up in the program we both were encouraged to make positive choices and care about the impact of those choices as we grew into adulthood. Our joyful days playing ball, camping, and exploring our country on summer trips inspired a lifetime of service, as we both took our turn coaching, teaching, and training as well.

Our own children and grandchildren have also benefitted from the personal attention and love shown by caring adult coaches and leaders – who challenged them to be competitive in sports – but equally diligent in their attention to character. This distinguishing aspect of the Kare program sets them apart. Moving forward, we want to ensure that new generations of children experience the same warm, nurturing opportunities in years to come.

That’s why we’ve chosen to set aside an estate gift to Kare.  We trust that our gift will be magnified by careful stewardship of the funds thereby making the greatest impact of our gift.  For nearly 100 years, the leadership of Kare has put boys and girls first…and we can think of no better organization partner with.

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Dan Kirby

Dan Kirby

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