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Their Future is Now!

Our Purpose and Overview

In 1931, founder Orrick W. Hampton met with a small group of teenage boys in East Pasadena. They wanted to form a club for younger boys using athletics because that’s what boys loved to do. In October of that year, Boys’ Christian League (BCL) was formed, which later became Boys and Girl’s Christian League, and several decades later was renamed Kare Youth League.  

The organization has grown steadily Since 1931 and Kare Youth League (KYL) now serves boys and girls in the greater San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire through a uniquely designed program, integrating athletics, camping and educational experiences.


Our purpose is the same today as it was in the beginning, to provide a wholesome environment where a child can grow, make choices, develop character, build confidence, and shape their future. Last year over 1,600 different children participated in over 350,000 child-hours of activities. Children are welcome to join the program at any time during the year.

The breadth of experiences KYL offers presents the opportunity for every child to succeed. Each child plays on a team, participating in different sports spread throughout the year, and at Kare that team is more than just a group of ballplayers. They go to camps together, have outings to places like Dodger Stadium or the ever-popular overnights, and learn valuable life-lessons through the mentoring of an experienced adult leader.

Children grades Pre-K to 6th are guided through all activities by the same leader for two or more years, providing continuity and stability. Over 50% of leadership services are provided by volunteers who donate an average of 22 hours per week, reflecting a year around commitment to youth.

Program offerings currently take place daily after-school and on Saturdays at our centers in Irwindale, Covina, Upland and Rio Hondo Prep in Arcadia. Our service area stretches from Pasadena to Upland, roughly between the 10 Freeway and the Foothills.


We operate on a minimal fee structure and are funded by a contribution plan, where families are allowed to participate fully regardless of funds contributed. Member families represent a wide socio-economic spread, and ethnic diversity closely reflects the communities we serve.

Additional program offerings include a full camping program at our privately owned and operated camp, Mount Kare, near Wrightwood; two college-prep schools, Rio Hondo Preparatory School and Pearl Preparatory School, educating children in grades K-12; and annual summer tours across America and Europe.

Kare Youth League Promise and Laws


I promise by the strength of Christ to be brave, pure, and true. I will fulfill my duties at school, home, and club; do my part in Kare Youth League activities, keep all dates and promises and read at least one verse in the Bible daily.


A Kare Youth League member is brave, I will not shun duty.
I realize that bravery in standing for the for the right is greater than mere physical strength.
Coaxing of friends and jeers of enemies cannot persuade me to do wrong.

A Kare Youth League member is pure in body, mind, speech, and conduct.
I will not defile my body with tobacco, liquor, or other harmful habits.
Because I keep my mind pure, my speech and conduct will also be pure, and I will choose and go with a clean crowd.

As a Kare Youth League member, I will be true to myself, parents, to all leaders, and to God.
I will not lie, steal, cheat, or gamble.
I will honor my parents and be respectful to those in authority.
I am reverent toward God.

Kare Logo Centered

The Kare Youth League Promise and Laws were adopted at our founding in 1931 and serve as our guideposts to this day. They are printed on the Membership Cards that members receive once they join.